• EuroIntegra Ltd is a licensed distributor of QAD for Bulgaria and North Macedonia.
  • EuroIntegra Ltd provides a complete solution of delivery, installation, implementation, localization, customization and support of QAD ERP software.
  • QAD is one of the world's leading developers of ERP systems – management systems for medium and large enterprises in the field of automotive, aviation, electronics, electrical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • The system supports the full cycle of production, finance, customer relations, assets, accounting, analytics and so on.
QAD Services
  • The system is suitable for the management of:
    • automotive
    • food and drinks manufacture
    • production of goods for end-user
    • manufacturing high-tech products
    • pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • distribution of goods
For more information call our phones or visit www.qad.com